Making Calls in the Cloud

Your telephone communications, delivered straight from Office 365

Making Calls in the Cloud

Office 365 offers an array of exciting capabilities to help improve collaboration across your organisation, and one of the key functions that has enhanced communication at its core is Skype Cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX actually enables you to replace your traditional telephone system with a series of features directly delivered from Office 365, using Skype for Business Online.

So, why would you want to use Cloud PBX to make calls?

The answer to this all lies in the cloud – making PBX inherently scalable and portable; meaning you can make calls wherever your business may take you, using your phone, PC or mobile device. Cloud PBX also removes the need for traditional hardware and the associated maintenance costs that naturally sit with this.

A phone system that lives in the cloud is one that is characteristically always up to date, evolving with new technologies and all the latest handy features. You can convert standard phone calls into text and video sessions whilst still tapping into all the conventional functions you would have received had your phone system physically resided in your building.

What can I do within PBX?

– Answer inbound calls with just a touch
– Dial outbound numbers or just click a name in Skype for Business or Outlook
– Have multiple calls occurring concurrently, hold & retrieve calls
– Complete call history
– Transfer calls between colleagues and devices, from your PC to IP phone, mobile or tablet
– Caller ID
– Call waiting and forwarding
– Do-not-disturb routing and call blocking
– Video call monitor
– Voice mail

Calls between users in your business are handled internally within Cloud PBX, including those team members that are in different geographical locations, removing any long-distance costs.

It’s really easy to enable calls between your business and landlines and mobile phones around the world – you simply connect Skype Cloud PBX to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Wondering how you connect PBX to the PSTN?

Again, it’s quite straightforward, you can use Skype for Business software to connect your current infrastructure to the public switched telephone network, allowing all numbers to be used by Skype Cloud’s capabilities.

Are there other options to PBX?

If you need to maintain features that are fundamental to your existing phone system, are inhibited by existing contractual obligations, or perhaps your business is simply just not at the stage where it wants to move to the cloud – it might be that you need to look at a hybrid version of Cloud PBX.

If you decide a hybrid version is the one for you, you can choose to have PBX services from the Microsoft Cloud, whilst retaining PSTN connectivity through software homed in your offices.
As another alternative to the pure Cloud PBX and hybrid models – you might want to keep your phone system completely on-premises; in this instance Microsoft’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) could be the right option for you, find out more here

So, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to selecting or updating the way you communicate across your business – if you want to get to know a bit more about Cloud PBX or would like to chat about moving to Office 365 then get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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