Secure in the Cloud

Addressing your security concerns with Microsoft Compliance Manager

Secure in the Cloud

A move to the cloud presents opportunity. It may also bring up a number of nagging questions as you weigh up how it will impact your business. Taking first place in your list of deliberations is likely to be security and data protection.

Security is a top technology priority; it has to be in the current climate of mobile workforces, increasing data demands, cyber-crime and new regulations –  including the forthcoming GDPR.

Microsoft have a reassuringly effective answer for your security concerns though – Compliance Manager.

As you move your data to a Microsoft Cloud service, such as Office 365 or Azure, Compliance Manager steps in as an invaluable assistant – helping you meet your security, compliance and privacy needs.

Essentially, it is a dashboard that provides a summary of your data protection and compliance position – connecting technology solutions with regulatory requirements.

It usefully combines information that Microsoft compiles internally for its compliance with regulations (such as the GDPR), with your own self-assessment of these standards.

Use Compliance Manager to:

  • Assign, track and record compliance
  • Collaborate across teams and manage your documents for creating audit reports
  • Look at your Compliance Score to help you track your progress & perform ongoing risk assessments
  • Prioritise auditing controls that will help reduce your exposure to risk
  • Securely upload and manage information related to compliance
  • Create detailed Excel reports that document the compliance activities performed by Microsoft and your business – this can be provided to auditors and regulators

Compliance Manager simplifies the process of administering regulatory activities.

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