New Service Desk Professional

Welcome to the Breakwater team Lee Fuller

New Service Desk Professional

We have a new Level 1 Service Desk Professional here at Breakwater and we are really pleased to introduce him as part of our growing team.

Lee Fuller has a real enthusiasm for technology and finding the right solutions to suit your business. He is excited about the prospect of developing his knowledge within Breakwater and working with our clients to create effective IT networks and advise on upgrades and new software.

Lee is the first point of contact for our clients and will be resolving your enquiries and providing advice to ensure your systems are running efficiently.

Visit Lee’s team page to find out more about him.

Welcome Lee!

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Lee Fuller

Level 1 Service Desk Professional

As part of the Service Desk team I deliver ongoing support for our diverse range of clients. It is my role to respond to enquiries as they come in and provide assistance so users are able to keep working efficiently.

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