Proactive Support with ConnectWise Automate™

Congratulations to Kevin Vincent on becoming a ConnectWise Automate Certified Expert

Proactive Support with ConnectWise Automate™

ConnectWise Automate is a solution that enhances the proactive support we offer to our clients. An essential part of our service is to monitor systems and identify potential vulnerabilities – ConnectWise enables us to do this securely and effectively.

A key aspect of Kevin Vincent’s role is to track network performance, using ConnectWise to resolve any issues before they are even evident to the user.

We are committed to having engineers that are skilled in the products and solutions they manage and are very pleased to be able to congratulate Kevin on becoming a ConnectWise Automate™ Certified Expert.

The collective system knowledge of our team gives us a benchmark to set your network against. If we see any issues or misfits we simply re-align your framework to our template to deliver the most reliable platform for you to operate your business from.

Proactive support saves time and reduces costs in the long-term – removing inefficiencies and driving improvements.

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Kevin Vincent

Level 2 Service Desk Professional

As part of our Service Desk here at Breakwater I am always on hand to answer queries from our clients and to offer a quick resolution to ensure the smooth-running of their operation.

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