Click-a-BWIT Champion

Thank you to everyone that took part in our Click-a-BWIT challenge in December

Click-a-BWIT Champion

Top of the score board for December was Jenny Bond from Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and to congratulate her on being our most talented ‘clicker’ we sent a bottle of champagne her way.

If you haven’t had a go yet, Click-a-BWIT is designed to introduce you to all of the employees here at Breakwater, whilst trying to click or tap your way to the top of our score board as each of our friendly faces appear.

It’s our way of giving you more knowledge about each of our team members and their role in helping support and advise clients with their IT requirements. By visiting each individual team member’s page you can find out their experience and values and take a look at their ‘hit count’.


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Stuart Moll

Level 3 Service Desk Professional

As a Level 3 Service Desk Professional, I handle many of your deep rooted issues and deliver complex IT projects, including network and server infrastructure upgrades.

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