Get Talking SharePoint

We are delighted to be enhancing Breakwater’s in-house SharePoint® expertise with the addition of Andrew Carter, SharePoint Consultant, to our team.

Get Talking SharePoint

SharePoint is fast becoming an integral part of the way many organisations now communicate and process information.

Part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint enables users to share and manage content, knowledge and applications. It is essentially a mobile intranet through which team sites can be created for every project and discussion. Files can be shared, along-with data, news and resources, internally and externally and across locations and devices.

SharePoint is also ideally placed to transform business processes, including everything from simple tasks like notifications, holiday requests and expense claims to complex operational workflows.

More than 200,000 organisations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management.

At Breakwater we are seeing more demand for the functionality SharePoint has to offer and we value having the expert knowledge within the team to advise clients on its capabilities.

Andrew is experienced in developing and installing SharePoint sites, having run his own SharePoint consultancy company, “I have the opportunity at Breakwater to provide guidance as to how SharePoint can be tailored to meet clients’ exact requirements. This is a hugely adaptable platform and it is important for organisations to understand how it can be both branded and developed to create the unique efficiencies they require. I very much look forward to working with clients on projects that enable time and cost-saving processes within their operation.”

Discover more about Andrew’s role and previous experience – welcome to the team Andrew.

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Breakwater Comment

"The functionality of SharePoint® and how Breakwater have designed it allows us to manage workflows better."

  • Alton Nutile, Dardan

Gintas Kuncevicius

SharePoint Developer

As Breakwater’s SharePoint Developer, I enhance our technical team with a focused area of expertise that enables us to advise and guide clients through the many and varied capabilities of SharePoint.

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