Toby Kalkman

Junior Systems Engineer - Team Leader

I am a technology enthusiast, and as a Junior Systems Engineer I am in a great position to continually expand my knowledge – working alongside the Breakwater team to learn about emerging technologies and assist our clients with their enquiries.

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It’s great to see how our Service Desk operates and to be able to provide an additional line of support to manage our workload and ensure we provide an excellent level of customer service.

My experience and values

My experience evolves with each day that I spend at Breakwater and I appreciate all the new knowledge I am taking on board – I now have my CompTIA A+ and am looking forward to building on this to support IT infrastructures. .

Life outside Breakwater

A genuine interest in computers and all things IT has shaped the direction of my career to date and also plays a big part in my life outside the office – tinkering and building computers and keeping up to date with all the latest technological developments. I am also a keen runner and am energised enough to go for a run each morning before work – committed!

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"Toby has been an incredible help to me, I wish I'd waited for him instead of struggling for hours over the weekend. We all have our strengths and I.T. is NOT mine"

  • Tracey Knight, N&R Ltd.

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