What’s New in Office 365

New updates have been rolled out to Office 365 and are available to all subscribers – discover the enhanced capabilities of working in the cloud.


What’s New in Office 365

Office 365 is such an effective way of helping you to collaborate, work with data, create content and communicate across your internal teams and beyond.

Intelligent technology is consistently introduced across the Office 365 platform, enhancing the ways in which your organisation can harness its various features.

Here is an overview of some recent developments to Office 365:

Excel: can recognise rich data types in addition to numbers and text strings. For example, Excel would now understand that “France” is a country and automatically associate it with further attributes such as population and gross domestic product, using the same technology that powers Bing answers.

You can then populate this data into cells or use directly in formulas. Future roll-out plans for this area also include the introduction of data types backed by the Microsoft Graph to Excel, improving spreadsheets with richer content.

Excel Online: super helpful new desktop features make it even easier to create and edit spreadsheets in your browser. It is now possible to insert Pivot Tables and delete rows and columns to analyse and format data.

Add a personal touch to your work by utilising the ability to insert images from local storage, duplicate existing worksheets and change the colour of tabs.

Personalised Search: offers bespoke search results across content and people based on your work habits. These results are really easy to explore, you can stay on the search page and preview over 270+ different file types.

SharePoint Hub: sites are now being introduced to all Office 365 subscribers. These are a simple and helpful way of bringing together news, activities and search from across your organisation.

Hub sites can be designed so they are bespoke to you, including branding and your very own unique structure. You can connect across your SharePoint hub based on project, department or location.

Yammer: can be connected to your intranet, enabling any conversations or feeds to be added to a SharePoint site or webpage. You can filter content by popular conversations or specific threads and embed across desktop and mobile.

We will keep you updated as to new Office 365 updates as they become available and, if you are already a subscriber, you receive all these useful new features as standard.


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