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M+A Partners

M+A Partners has been providing accounts, audit and tax advice to its clients for 100 years.

With a growing team of experts, based across a number of offices in Norfolk, M+A’s strategy is to help clients, both locally and throughout the UK, with advice at every stage of their journey.

M+A’s specialists ensure that they are able to help with all enquiries, across a wide range of services and sectors. They work with clients to understand their specific needs, advising on the necessities; accounts, tax and payroll through to specialisms including private wealth, estate planning, corporate finance and strategic business forecasting.


A phone system forms the centre of connectivity, for any successful and growing business.

At M+A it is crucial therefore that its employees are able to communicate effectively, both within the firm and with clients.

A Cisco Call Manager Express system had been used at M+A for over seven years and its performance had started to deteriorate. The system was no longer supported by the manufacturer and it was not possible to add additional lines and features to the network.

With communication absolutely key to helping clients with their enquiries, it was decided that a new system was required to enable easy and efficient communication and exchange of information.


Breakwater met with M+A to discuss their communication needs and the specifics they would like to see in a new phone system.

It soon became apparent that the NEC SV9100 telephone system would be a good fit.

M+A wanted a scalable system that would grow with them, enabling new users to be added quickly and easily. M+A’s office in Norwich required a central system, with remote IP phones in the other offices. The NEC telephone system is naturally a flexible solution – making it a straightforward process to add new phones.

M+A needed a telephone system that would allow them to work from any desk, in any office – simply logging in to get started. Cordless, walk-about phones would also enable partners to be contactable, regardless of their location.

The facility to record calls, receive emails to notify of pending voicemail messages and have the resource to make small, administrative changes to the system were all requirements that the NEC SV9100 provided for.


Breakwater changed M+A’s phone system on 30 September 2017, following a week of pre-configuration and testing across their offices.

It was important that the new phone system was installed with the absolute minimum of disruption to M+A’s day-to-day operations.

To make sure the installation process was efficient, the system itself was initially delivered to Breakwater.

Breakwater’s Telecoms Engineer programmed all 120 handsets, along-with the NEC system itself. The new system was installed on a separate network to enable the existing Cisco system to continue to work during the testing period. Testing at various M+A offices ensured connectivity was in place across the links and that calls could be made and received without issues.

It was only after all tests had been completed, that a date was agreed to switch the system across; a weekend was selected to avoid unnecessary disruption for the M+A team.

Prior to the new system going live, Breakwater conducted training for all of the staff at M+A to make sure they were aware of how the phones would function. On the first working day of operation, Breakwater were on-site prior to staff arriving, and throughout the day, to ensure a seamless transition.

After a period of time to enable M+A to get used to their new system, Breakwater visited to discuss how the phones were working for them and to provide guidance on carrying out some simple administration changes.

Key features of NEC SV9100

M+A now has NEC’s flagship telephone system installed with:

• Call reporting and recording functionality
• Monthly, weekly and daily call statistics for all users
• Desk phones and cordless phones
• Full site coverage for walk about phones
• Voicemail and voicemail to email
• Facility to ‘hot-desk’ and log in and out of phones
• Complete scalability
• Caller ID
• Lower total cost of ownership in the long-term.

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Discover how Breakwater can help your business. Call our team today on +44 (0)1603 709300 or email enquiries@breakwaterit.co.uk

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Telecoms Engineer

An integral part of my role is to advise you on the range of communication solutions available and how these have the capacity to create efficiencies within your existing systems.

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