Client Satisfaction

Thank you for the feedback in June – 99.45% happy clients

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback enables our team to move forwards – making adjustments to our processes to make sure your organisation receives the support and solutions it needs to grow.

We are really appreciative of all the great feedback we received for June and our 99.45% satisfaction score. If there’s anything you think we could have done better, then we make sure we get back in touch to talk about how we can change things going forwards.

“Great service and all explained very well”
Debbie Laing-Songhurst, Suffolk Secrets

“Exceptional customer service. Thank you”
Niki Tansley, The Great Hospital

“Kevin not only fixed my problem, but also put a solution in place to fix it for everyone else going forward. Very proactive, thank you.”
Alton Nutile, Dardan Security

As a thank you to all the clients that leave feedback for us, we have a prize draw where two winners receive cinema vouchers. The lucky recipients for June were Debbie Laing-Songhurst from Suffolk Secrets and Andrew Downes from EAAA.




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Toby Kalkman

Level 1 Service Desk Professional

I am a technology enthusiast, and as a Level 1 Service Desk Professional I am in a great position to continually expand my knowledge – working alongside the Breakwater team to learn about emerging technologies and assist our clients with their enquiries.

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New Talent on our Service Desk

We welcome two new arrivals on the Service Desk – Dave Parlour as a Level 1 Engineer and Thomas Secker as a Trainee Systems Engineer.  

New Talent on our Service Desk
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