Coming in January to Office 365

Each month Microsoft roll out updates to its products services including Teams, Outlook, Yammer and much more! You could look through all the updates on the Microsoft roadmap. But to make it easier for you, we’ve put together the top ones to look out for this January.


Meeting Attendee Registration – Add a custom attendee registration page to any meeting to better manage attendance before and after any engagement. Following registration, attendees receive an email confirmation with a calendar invite.

Meeting Chat Moderation Settings – Meeting organisers will be able to turn off the chat functionality during a meeting. This is turned on by default.

Presenter View in Teams Meetings – Presenters will be able to view slide notes and upcoming slides. This will help the presenters keep the meeting on track, discuss meeting notes as needed and navigate to meeting slides quickly.

Live Event Presenter for iPad – Live Event Presenters will be able to present from their iPad to the audience.

Include Computer Sound when Sharing a Desktop or Window on Mac – You will be able to include your computer’s sound when you share a Desktop or Window on Mac. This is great when you are sharing a video and want your audience to hear its audio during a meeting.

Increasing Chat Size from 300 to 1000 Participants – Currently, 300 meeting participants can be part of the meeting chat. This feature update will allow 1000 participants to participate in the meeting chat.

Approvals in Teams – Get results faster with Approvals in Microsoft Teams. Approvals will allow you to create, manage, share, and act on approvals directly from your hub for teamwork.

Add Document Libraries, Pages or News to a Channel in Teams via the New SharePoint Tab – This will enable team members to use the SharePoint tab experience to pin any page, news, list or document library as a separate tab in their Teams channel. Just go to the “+” button from any channel in Teams, select SharePoint and start pinning resources that your team needs to collaborate better.

Add a Shared Calendar to a Teams Channel – Create and share a channel-specific calendar for members to view events. Teams automatically creates a new post, which will appear in the activity feed, when a channel meeting is created. Any user who has notifications turned off will see the event only when they open the channel calendar.

Theme and Icon Update – The Teams default and dark theme background colours and icon will be updated. This will align with the overall Microsoft 365 design vision.

Multiple Number Dialling – Teams will support dialling additional numbers for a given user. A new split button in the chat header for audio/video calling displays multiple numbers for a single contact as available numbers with which to initiate a call.


Outlook for Windows: Every Meeting Online – Update your settings to make every meeting you create a Teams Meeting by default. You therefore no longer need to remember to click the Teams Meeting option.

Outlook for Windows: Text Predictions – Outlook will provide you with suggested ways to complete the text in your email messages.  Just tab to accept and finish emails faster, with less typing.

Outlook for iOS: Text Predictions – Outlook will help speed up writing and replying to emails by predicting text to complete sentences.  By swiping you can choose to use the suggested text or just keep typing to ignore.

Outlook for iOS & Android: Start a Chat in Teams with Email Recipients – When reading an email, you’ll have the option to start a Chat in Teams with the people in your organisation who are included in the address of an email or conversation. You can see their presence status to inform you if it’s a good time to chat online.


“At a glance” in Sharing Emails – When users receive Sharing emails, they will now see a short 3-bullet point summary of the document in the email. This will better inform them as to how relevant the file is. They can make a more informed decision as to whether to spend the time opening the file or not.

Microsoft To Do:

Plan Your Day Better With Urgent and Important Task Suggestions in My Day – Microsoft To Do has a list called My Day where users can add the tasks they wish to focus on each day. Microsoft is introducing a new section in the suggestions pane of the My Day list. In here some urgent and important tasks will surface to help users plan their day better.


Text Formatting (Bold, Italicize, and Underline) in Forms and Quizzes – Bold, Italics, and Underline (text formatting) in Forms will become available to help survey/quiz designers emphasise and differentiate content with hierarchy. Consistent with Office 365 products, users can select the text format in a floating toolbar or use shortcuts (e.g. control/command).


Paste Options in Excel for the Web – You will get all the Paste Options right where you paste your content.


Suggested Communities – This new section on the Yammer homepage will suggest relevant communities for you to discover and join.

Microsoft Edge:

The following updates are only due to release on the Beta Channel. They will be available generally soon.

PDF Document Display in Book View (Two Page) – Starting with Microsoft Edge v. 88, you will be able to view PDF documents in single page or book view. To change the view, click on the Page View button in the toolbar.

Improve Productivity and Multi-Tasking With Vertical Tabs – As the number of horizontal tabs grows, site titles start to get cut off and tab controls are lost as each tab shrinks. Vertical tabs let users move their tabs to the side. Vertically aligned icons and longer site titles make it easier to quickly scan, identify and switch to the tab they want to open. Vertical tabs also make it easier to organise several tabs. It provides more space to quickly multi-select, close and reorder tabs. When users want to see more of the web while using vertical tabs, they can always collapse the pane. Then simply hover to expand it whenever they want to interact with a specific tab.

Improve Browser Performance With Sleeping Tabs – Sleeping tabs improves browser performance by reducing system resources (e.g., RAM, CPU) that are used by background, inactive browser tabs. Users can prevent tab sites from going to sleep and configure the length of time before an inactive tab goes to sleep. This feature is limited to a randomly selected group of users who have enabled experimentation. Microsoft are planning to have the sleeping tabs feature enabled by default with Microsoft Edge v. 89.

Alerts if Your Passwords Are Found in an Online Leak – Starting with Microsoft Edge v. 88, the browser checks your passwords against a repository of know-breached credentials and alerts you if a match is found.

Pushed back from December to January:

The following features have either been pushed back or are taking longer for general roll-out than expected.


25K Person Teams – Support will be available for up to 25,000 members per individual team.

Live reactions – You will be able to send reactions live during a meeting that will appear to all participants.

Meeting Recap – Meeting recap will help teams stay on track and keep their work moving forward after the meeting is over. A recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more will be shared with participants in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting.

Create a Task From a Message in the Desktop Client for Microsoft Teams – Quickly create tasks right from any Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation without having to switch apps or windows. Select More options on a Teams message to choose ‘Create task’ and track in the Tasks app in Teams. This is only available for the desktop version of Teams.


Meet Now from Outlook – You will be able to start an instant Teams meeting from the Calendar tab in Outlook Windows.


To note: whilst these features are expected to be released in January, the process of rolling them out to all users can take time. Occasionally features can be delayed.

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