Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification

We are committed to having security at the forefront of our work. Our engineers are trained in security services to ensure they are knowledgeable and to best support our clients.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification

We are pleased to congratulate Will Palmer, Systems Engineer on his recent certification from ConnectWise in Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Engineers.

The training gave Will a more comprehensive understanding of the technical side of cyber security. It covered a review of the latest security tools and services to consider. As well as incident response planning, intrusion detection and malware analysis.

Continual training of our staff is a big part of how we grow and expand our knowledge at Breakwater. Our team are dedicated to being experts in our services to deliver the best customer experience possible.

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Since the initial launch of Breakwater in 2005, I have always wanted to create a forward-thinking IT Services provider that utilises technology to help underpin the future growth of companies.

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