End of Life for Microsoft Edge Legacy

Microsoft Edge was released in 2015 to replace Internet Explorer. Edge was initially built on HTML. In January 2020, Edge was re-built on Chromium coding, the same coding behind Google Chrome. Read more about this here.

Internet explorer also ran on HTML. This meant when the switch to Edge on Chromium coding begun, many apps were built for the HTML coding and were therefore not compatible. To resolve this, Microsoft Edge Legacy remained live to maintain these apps.

From 9 March 2021, Edge Legacy will no longer be supported. This means there will no longer be security updates and patches. As a result, accessing Edge Legacy beyond the support end date will put you at risk.

As time goes on, Edge Legacy will also lose capabilities. This will result in poor performance and response from the app. Microsoft has assured users that apps and sites built for Edge Legacy will continue to work in the new Microsoft Edge.

We recommend you make the upgrade from Edge Legacy to Edge as soon as possible. This will allow time to adjust to the new app.


On 17 August 2021, Microsoft 365 will stop support for Internet Explorer 11.

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