Cyber Security Conference

Cyber Security Conference

The Breakwater IT Cyber Security Conference was a chance for organisations to come together and hear from a panel of industry experts as to how they might overcome security challenges.

The aim was to educate – giving users the tools to identify cyber threats, enabling them to protect against them.

Our speakers gave their own unique takes on how both technology solutions and increased knowledge of cyber crime can work together to protect our organisations.

It was great to hear from Datto and Microsoft how products can safeguard our systems and the ways in which we can recover and restore our data if systems are compromised.

John Rainbow from Aquaterra Energy gave us a real-business insight into the security challenges we are now facing and what they are doing to address these threats – including 2 Factor Authentication, training for employees and patching.

Social Engineering and Cyber Security Expert, Lisa Forte shared her experiences of dealing with real-life cybercrime cases, providing an understanding of the threats and aftermath of an attack.

The 3 main take aways from the Cyber Security Conference, from Breakwater’s Managing Director, John Gostling:

1. Enable MFA on logins, it’s makes it that much harder for someone to get into your systems that they will likely go looking for an easier target.

2. Responsibility has to come from the top, but everyone in a business has to take responsibility for helping to create a secure business.

3. Please don’t blame people or make an example of them for clicking on links. We are all human and mistakes happen. We need to help each other feel safe and to feel like they can put their hand up and say “I think I just clicked on something” or “Does this email look dodgy to you”. That way we can react to a problem much quicker.

Thank you to everyone that joined us, our speakers and to the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce for supporting the event. We look forward to hosting similar events in the new year.




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