Platform to Share Webinar | Exploring Mimecast

Thursday 17 June | 09:00 – 10:00 | Held online | Book here

We provide Mimecast services including email filtering, web filtering and security awareness training. But each product has a range of benefits and useful tools you may not know about.

In this webinar, our Operations Director, Jack Fisher, and Technical Director, Stuart Moll, will explore the Mimecast products. This will include the tools available, how to use them and more.

This webinar is perfect for those who are interested in the Mimecast software – including email and web filtering and cyber awareness training – as well as if you already use the software and want to know how to get the most out of it.

More details coming soon. Book your place early. 

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Sam Brown

Marketing Coordinator

As Marketing Coordinator my focus is to showcase Breakwater IT and the solutions we offer to support businesses with their IT infrastructure. Within my role I develop and give voice to the Breakwater IT brand across various marketing channels, by supporting local communities and through our own events programme.

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