Microsoft 365: New Features July
Microsoft 365: New Features July

It can be difficult to keep up with new features and updates from Microsoft across their suite of applications. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together the top feature releases to look out for this coming month.


Connect Shared Channels
Teams Connect shared channels makes collaborating with those inside and outside your organisation easier. It allows multiple organisations to work together in a shared space – have conversations, schedule a meeting, share, and co-author files, and collaborate on apps, without ever switching tenants in a secure, governable and compliant environment.

Preferred Download Location for Files
You will be able to select a default download location for any files downloaded from Teams. This only applies to the desktop client.

Data Export Within Approvals App
Through the Approvals app you will be able to export your approval data within a selected time period.

Delay Delivery of Chat Messages
This feature allows you to schedule a chat message to send at a later time and date. The message will arrive at its destination at the time you scheduled.

Join a Meeting by Digital Code
The option to join a meeting by entering a digital code will become available.

Call Control with Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones
You will be able to use the buttons on Bluetooth audio devices to control calls (answer, end, hold) without needing a USB dongle. This applies to a Windows PC running Teams desktop client. For many headsets, this will work without requiring any user action to enable other than pairing the headset with the PC.

Speaker Coach in Teams Meetings
The new Speaker Coach featyure will provide private, personalised feedback on your speaking and presentation skills in both real-time as well as post-meeting in a summary.

Delete Call History
This feature will allow you to hide call history records from your call history view.

Teams and Forms

Rating Poll
A rating question type is being added to the Polls app within Microsoft Teams. Meeting owners will be able to create and launch rating polls to increase engagement and collect input from their meeting attendees, as well as share the results live.

Re-use Previously Created Polls in Meetings
Meeting organisers and presenters will be able to access polls previously created to re-use or modify. They can then apply them to new meetings instead of creating repeated polls every time from scratch.

Teams and Stream

Timeline Markers for When You Left or Joined Meetings
Markers are being added (which appear as icons above the video timeline) in Teams meeting recording timelines to indicate when you joined or left a meeting. The markers are personalised, so that only you will see your join and leave marker. The markers help you jump right to part of a meeting that you may have missed. Markers will only show up on recordings of Teams meeting that you were invited to and that you joined.


Integration with Other Microsoft 365 Apps
This integration will allow you to quickly access To Do, Org Explorer, Yammer Communities, and Bookings directly inside Outlook. You can also customise this experience by pinning preferred Outlook and Microsoft 365 apps.

Notifications Pane
Using the Notifications pane, you can stay connected with updates focused on you, like @mentions, that you might have missed in the context of your regular mail.

Bookings with Me
This new feature will eliminate the back-and-forth scheduling with your own personal bookings page.

Send Email from Your Proxy Email Address (alias)
You will be able to send emails from a proxy email address or account alias rather than your primary email address. The alias email address will be preserved in the FROM and REPLY TO for the recipients.

MailTips will Flag Accessibility Issues
New MailTips in Outlook will recommend fixing accessibility issues before sending email messages to large DLs, external users, or for any messages marked as “high importance”. The MailTip will show up at the top of the email compose window.

iOS: Format Options for Signatures
The text box to create a signature for your mobile email messages will soon support HTML formatting if you cut and paste from another source. Rich formatting such as bold, italics, underline, and links will also be available.


View Switching
You will be able to switch between editing, reviewing, and viewing documents in Word based on the job that you are working on. For example, viewing allows you to read the document without making accidental changes, reviewing allows you to leave behind suggestions via tracked changes or comments.


Natural Language Search Support
Natural language search in Microsoft Search will enable support for common search patterns when searching for content such as files, people, calendar events (meetings), messages, emails.

Conversation Search in SharePoint
Conversation search will allow you to find relevant Microsoft Teams and Outlook conversations when searching in Microsoft Search in SharePoint.


To note: whilst these features are expected to be released in July, the process of rolling them out to all users can take time. Occasionally features can be delayed.


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