Microsoft 365 New Features June
Microsoft 365 New Features June

Each month Microsoft roll out updates to its products services including Teams, Outlook, Yammer and much more! You could look through all the updates on the Microsoft roadmap. But to make it easier for you, we’ve put together the top ones to look out for this June.


Collaborative Annotation on Presenter Shared Screen
Presenters will be able to start collaborative annotation for all participants, or just the presenter, to annotate on shared screen content.

Call Control with Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones
You will be able to use Bluetooth audio device buttons to control calls (answer, end, hold) without needing a USB dongle. This applies when connected to a Windows PC running the Teams desktop application. For many headsets and speakerphones, this will work without requiring any user action to enable other than pairing the headset or speakerphone with the PC.

Language Interpretation
Language interpretation will allow language interpreters to translate what the speaker says into another language in real time without disrupting the original flow of delivery of the speaker. This will allow more inclusive meetings, where participants who may not speak the same language can fully collaborate with each other.

Live Captions and Transcripts in All Languages on the Web
Live Captions and Transcripts will be available for all languages when in a Teams Meeting on the web.

Chat with Self
You’ll soon be able to stay organised by sending yourself notes, messages, files, and images/videos on Teams.

Meeting Chat Bubbles on Android and iOS
When Chat bubbles is enabled, chat messages will surface on the mobile screen where you can preview the most recent two messages.

E-sign Approvals Fully Embedded within Team Approvals
Seamlessly create and review e-signature approval requests directly in Teams with this E-sign update. This will remove the need to access the e-sign provider website.

E-signature Approvals on Mobile
You will be able to create, view and action e-signature approvals on any mobile device. As the creator, you can also edit or cancel the request.

Dynamic Caller ID for Call Queue Agents
Call queue agents will be able to place calls from the Calls app using a call queue phone number as their caller ID. This ensures the call is properly identified by the recipient and that the call back number is the call queue number rather than the agent’s personal line.

Microsoft Teams and Forms

Rating Poll
The Rating question type is being added to the Polls app within Microsoft Teams. Meeting owners will be able to create and launch rating polls to increase engagement and collect input from their meeting attendees, as well as share the results live.


Sharing Experience – Manage Access Settings
The “Manage Access” experience will be updated to offer you additional controls for how recipients access files you’ve shared. “Shared with” list would be an entry point to Manage Access settings.


Working Hours and Location
New working hours and location options in Outlook will let you set more flexible working hours each day as well as specifying where you plan to work.

Bookings with Me
Eliminate the back-and-forth scheduling with a new personal bookings page.

Add Image as an Attachment for iOS
You’ll be able to choose how you share photos through Outlook for iOS. Currently, images in emails are embedded. Soon you will have the choice of attaching or embedding images.

Microsoft Edge

Ability to Control Automatic Profile Switching
The upcoming GuidedSwitchEnabled policy allows Microsoft Edge to prompt the user to switch to the appropriate profile when Microsoft Edge detects that a link is a personal or work link.

Office App

Idle Session Timeout for Microsoft 365 Web Apps
Idle session timeout feature will allow IT admins to configure a tenant-wide timeout value based on which users get automatically signed out after a period of inactivity on Microsoft 365 web apps. This feature is an improvement over, and will eventually replace, current idle timeout settings in Outlook Web App (OWA) and SharePoint Online (SPO).


New Administrator Role in Azure Active Directory (AAD)
A new role is being added to Azure Active Directory titled, “Yammer Administrator”. Users who are assigned the Yammer Administrator role will be allowed to manage all aspects of the Yammer service.

New Yammer as the Only Option for Non-admin Users
All users will only have access to the new Yammer experience, with the toggle for classic Yammer will be removed. Admins can still switch to the classic Yammer experience via a new toggle in the Yammer admin settings.


Dictate Your Notes in OneNote
Dictation with commanding will be available in both OneNote on the Web and the Windows desktop application. You can use speech to text instead of typing and various commands, such as delete, to edit your notes.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Teams App Usage Report
A new Teams app usage report is being introduced to help you track app usage metrics over time.

Project Usage Report
A new report will be made available to help you understand how Microsoft Project is used within your organisation.

Microsoft Planner

Recurring Tasks
You’ll be able to configure your tasks to occur on a regular cadence in Planner.


Multi-Staff Availability
When multiple staff are available, the option to book appointments with those staff will be available.

‘Cc” Functionality to Email Notifications
You’ll be able to ‘Cc’ an additional email address on confirmation and reminder emails.

Microsoft Stream

Timeline Markers in Teams Meeting Recordings for Leaving and Joining Meetings
Markers are being added (which appear as icons above the video timeline) in Teams meeting recording timelines to indicate when you joined or left a meeting. The markers are personalised, so that only you will see your join and leave marker. The markers help you jump right to part of a meeting that you may have missed. Markers will only show up on recordings of Teams meeting that you were invited to and that you joined.

To note: whilst these features are expected to be released in June, the process of rolling them out to all users can take time. Occasionally features can be delayed.

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