Microsoft 365 Update - March 22
Microsoft 365 Update - March 22

It can be difficult to keep up with all the new features and updates that Microsoft release across their suite of applications. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together the best releases to look out for.

Microsoft Teams

LinkedIn Integration in Teams
You will soon be able to see your colleagues LinkedIn profiles in one-on-one chat. The LinkedIn profile will be available via the LinkedIn tab in the one-on-one chat panel.

Chat Filter for Non-Meeting Chats
There will be a new chat filter within the Chat app which filters out meeting chats and chats with bots. It filters in one-on-one and group chats.

Co-organiser Meeting Role
Organisers will be able to share control of a meeting by assigning the new “Co-organiser” role. Co-organisers will have almost all the capabilities of the organiser, including management of meeting options.

Automated Webinar Invite
When webinars are setup and scheduled, the webinar invite is now automatically added to the attendee’s calendar.

Domain Customisation for Webinar Communications
When webinar emails are sent to attendees, both the sender name and email domain will now reflect the tenant name, making it easier for attendees to recognise you.


Third-Party Support for Meetings Online by Default
Previously, Outlook released the option for meetings to be online by default. In that release, the feature was only available to users of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. This update will add support for users of third-party online meeting providers to make their meetings online by default, or to select their preferred online meeting provider if they use multiple providers.


Multiline Formula Bar
You can resize the formula bar when entering formulas.


Easily Navigate to Your Teams Files from OneDrive
In OneDrive, a “Your Teams” section is being added to the “More Places” page to allow you to easily find and work with all your files in Teams.


Ability to Set Default Profile
The ‘EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled’ policy will allow you to set a default profile to be used when opening the browser rather than the last profile used.

PowerPoint on the Web

Organisation Fonts in PowerPoint for Web
This feature will allow your organisation to add your custom fonts into PowerPoint.


Dark Mode in Yammer
Dark mode can be enabled to view lighter text on a dark background.

Yammer Profile Page Updates
Profile pages are being revamped with a cover photo, followers/following, right rail and joined communities.

Upvote Answers to Questions
This feature will allow you to upvote answers you find useful and appropriate. It will be available for questions both in communities and live events.

Bookmark threads in Yammer to easily find and read them later.

Send Live Event Calendar Invites
You will soon be able to send a calendar event to all community members without leaving the event page in Yammer.

Forms and Bookings

Forms Integration with Microsoft Bookings
You will be able to associate Forms templates to Booking services to send forms for data intake from attendees prior to joining a Booking appointment.


Locking Content
Participants in Teams and on Web will be able to lock content types on the board to prevent accidental movement or deletion.

Contextual Reactions
Participants in Whiteboard Teams and on the Web will be able to add contextual reactions specifically to sticky notes to non-verbally express their emotions. These contextual reactions will have a count associated to them, meaning you will be able to view the list of participants who have reacted as well as the reaction provided.

External Access in Teams Meetings
Any guests, external or anonymous users in a Teams meeting will be able to view and collaborate on the whiteboard during a meeting. However, they will not have continued access to the whiteboard after the meeting ends. This feature only applies to customers using Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business.


Add Chapters to Help Viewers Find the Right Part of a Video
If you have access to access edit a video uploaded to SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Yammer, you can now add chapters to help viewers identify information in the video. For each chapter you can specify a point in time in the video and title of that chapter which will show up in the table of contents side pane for the video, as well as on the video timeline.

Record a New Video on the Stream Start Page in Office
You can create a new video directly from the Stream Start page on by recording your webcam or screen. The new video is then uploaded to OneDrive and ready to share.

Noise Suppression
Noise suppression will be added to Stream to help both creators and viewers isolate speech from ambient noise, music, and other sounds.

Add or Edit Captions and Transcript for a Video in SharePoint or OneDrive
You will be able to upload, download, and delete captions in the Web VTT file format for a video in SharePoint or OneDrive. This will enable you to edit transcript files generated by Teams live transcript or Stream via downloading the file, editing in a text or VTT editor, and re-uploading it. The VTT file will be displayed as captions inside the video player and as a transcript in the transcript pane next to the video.


Recurring Tasks
You will soon be able to configure your tasks to occur on a regular cadence in Planner.

Rich Text and Images in Planner Task Notes
The Planner task notes field will support rendering rich text formatting (bold, italics, underline, and more) and image previews. You’ll be able to insert rich text and images into task notes.


History Suggestions on Microsoft Search in Bing
If you are an Enterprise user, you will get historical searches as suggestions in the autosuggest pane on Bing and Microsoft Search in Bing.

To note: whilst these features are expected to be released in March, the process of rolling them out to all users can take time. Occasionally features can be delayed.

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