Hello to the Modern Intranet

The Modern experience in SharePoint offers a really effective way of creating an intranet for your company.

Hello to the Modern Intranet

With lots of new web parts that are easy to set-up and manage, Modern SharePoint makes it straightforward when it comes to designing a site for sharing company news, events, processes, social feeds and documents.

The recently launched Breakwater IT intranet utilises all of SharePoint’s handy new features  – building a site that every member of our team can be a part of.

So what is SharePoint?

It is the ideal way to collaborate and manage content, knowledge and applications across your company.

Through SharePoint you can create an intranet with sites for every project, team and discussion.

All of the smart SharePoint Online features can be accessed with Office 365.

What else does SharePoint do?

  • Personal cloud storage
  • Securely share and collaborate on files
  • Organise and manage content in libraries and lists
  • Create Team sites
  • Automate business processes with alerts and workflows


Breakwater’s SharePoint site

The Breakwater SharePoint site takes advantage of the latest functionality from Microsoft.

Practical features bring our various communications channels together in one helpful place:


  • Internal news pages
  • Upcoming events
  • Yammer feed
  • Social media feeds
  • Team directory

Applications page

Automates internal processes making them easy to manage:

  • Holidays
  • Health & safety documents
  • Operations manual
  • Absence & sickness
  • Employee certificates
  • Suggestions


Manager Applications

Enables our management team to administer the background processes behind holiday allowances, suggestions, employee rewards etc.

Team Libraries

Files stored securely for each department in the business, making them easy to manage and collaborate on.

You can engage with external clients through Teams, helping you to talk to each other when working on projects or documents.

Microsoft has big plans for the future of Teams and this is the way to go when setting up a working space for specific groups within your organisation.

Build your modern intranet

If you don’t already have one, a SharePoint intranet opens up communications right across your organisation. If you do, the Modern intranet in SharePoint improves its performance and enables your site to change and adapt with your needs.

Discover how Breakwater can help your business. Call our team today on +44 (0)1603 709300 or email enquiries@breakwaterit.co.uk

Breakwater Comment

"Your SharePoint intranet is the ideal way to collaborate and manage content, knowledge and applications across your company."

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