Promotions in our Service Desk

The Breakwater Service Desk is the hub of our company, with our Engineers delivering the support and solutions our clients need.

Promotions in our Service Desk

We have always prioritised progression within the Service Desk, through both additional qualifications and training and fully support and encourage Apprentices into the business.

We are therefore delighted that there have been two recent promotions within the team.

Toby Kalkman

Toby Kalkman joined us an Apprentice, moving through to Junior Systems Engineer before taking on his recently appointed position as Systems Engineer. This has been a swift and deserving progression for Toby and is a reflection of a determination to take on board new knowledge and deliver the best possible service on each job he works on.

David Loveridge has also been promoted to Projects Engineer and will be overseeing some of the more in-depth and complex assignments that the team works on. This will ensure each project is scheduled in and managed so that it runs smoothly and to schedule for the client.

Congratulations from the Breakwater team to both Toby and David.

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Jamie Chapman

Systems Engineer

On the Service Desk it is down to us to deliver the help and guidance clients need when it comes to technical support.

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