Your business infrastructure needs the right support, monitoring and anticipation for growth. With this, your IT systems form the basis for increased productivity.


Regular system monitoring and alignment enables you to take initiative when it comes to upgrades and increasing your capacity. We’ll make you aware of any blockages or inefficiencies within your infrastructure. We then work with you to find a solution that reinforces your long-term objectives.


There are many reasons why you would consider developing your current IT infrastructure. These include increased capacity, scalability or the integration of cloud-based services.

We design and deliver systems that are suited to your existing and future needs. From small business server renewals to large network upgrades across multiple sites. We can adapt to support businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Our experts will establish your network and cost requirements in advance. This enables us to create infrastructures that meet the demands of your business.

Data Networks

Connectivity solutions work to promote the efficient exchange of data and communications.

The way your business operates, combined with its goals, determines the type of solution that’s right for you. We spend time building relationships and gathering this knowledge. This helps us establish the condition and subsequent improvements your data network requires.

Increased capacity, a more resourceful data exchange, new cabling to enable expansion or the installation of a wireless network across multiple locations are all possible.

Server Virtualisation

In simple terms, virtualisation removes the dependency between your operating system and hardware. New software no longer needs a corresponding physical server on which to run.

The consolidation of server hardware reduces capital expenditure. It also enables greater scalability and recovery options.

In addition to its cost benefits, server virtualisation lessens physical demands on space. It provides an independent system to safely test new applications and cuts downtime.

The virtualisation of multiple servers allows for highly resilient, scalable hardware solutions. These eliminate single points of failure.

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"Breakwater IT proposed a solution to re-configure our Comms room following a need to bring in more hardware. Following this project, we now have a robust IT and telecoms system in line with the business's needs."

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I am part of our first line of support for clients – the Service Desk. As a Systems Engineer, I respond to incoming enquiries, resolving any issues and providing guidance to businesses.

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