Streamline Business Processes with Custom Power Apps

Custom Power Apps can turn long-winded processes into simple, streamlined apps within Microsoft 365. Have you got a tedious process that needs simplifying? See how we can help…

What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is an inbuilt Microsoft 365 feature that allows you to create apps within your environment. These apps can be used on a range of devices including laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets. They can also be added to your Teams application; either within a team or as a stand-alone app available to all. By doing this, you can make Teams your central hub for employees to access information.

Here’s one (or two) we made earlier…

Our Solutions Architect, Gintas, has built a range of custom Power Apps for Breakwater and our clients. We wanted to show you some of our apps, and thus the capabilities of Power Apps. Additionally, all the apps shown below are customisable to your needs. Or, if you have a process that is taking up too much time or not working effectively for your business, get in touch to see if we can help.

Request a Team:

Give your colleagues the ability to create new teams on Microsoft Teams with our request new teams app. It allows management to stay in control of the different teams, without duplication or unnecessary teams being created.

Staff will be able to use the app within Teams to request the creation of a new team. A specified person will be notified and can then approve or deny the request. Here’s how ours looks:


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Desk Booking App

Are you planning on welcoming staff back to an office environment soon? We understand it can be difficult to manage staff working in the office with flexibility, as well as ensuring suitable distancing. That’s where our desk booking app can help!

The app can be customised to your layout, including multiple floors and rooms. Staff can then select to book a desk for days they wish to be in the office. Post-restrictions, the app could even be used to facilitate hot-desking; helping the continue flexible working. Here’s how our app looks:


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Expenses App

Our expenses app allows staff to submit expenses directly to a manager. Expenses can also be tracked as pending, approved and processed.


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Check-In App

Our check-in app allows us to see who is in the office and who is not. The app can sit within Teams, or you can opt to put this on a mobile or tablet device for staff or visitors to check-in upon arrival at your premises.


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We have also built a check-in app for Blue Sky Leisure. Read more about this here.

If you’re interested in any of the apps above, or if you’ve got an idea for your own, get in touch to see what’s possible!

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Following previous work experience at Breakwater, I am now undertaking an Apprenticeship position within the company. Within my role I am able to expand my technical knowledge whilst assisting the Service Desk with client enquiries and support – learning along the way.

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