Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials badge shows our commitment to cyber risk management

Cyber Essentials

Raising awareness of cyber crime and helping to educate businesses on how they can protect themselves is one of our primary concerns as an IT provider and therefore we are advocates of schemes such as Cyber Essentials.

We are proud to have been awarded our Cyber Essentials badge and would encourage other organisations to find out more about the certification as a means of protecting their data and assets.

Cyber Essentials helps to highlight any weaknesses in your system and in doing so encourages you to implement additional safeguards, preventing common cyber attacks. This is a scheme, designed by the Government, to makes it easier to protect your business – a really positive way of identifying the fundamental measures that need to be in place to enhance cyber security practices.

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William Palmer

Junior Systems Engineer

I joined Breakwater as a Junior Systems Engineer, this involves working with our Service Desk team to support them with enquiries and ensuring clients’ IT systems are operating effectively.

It’s great to be in a position that keeps me in touch with all the current technical know-how, and to be able to proactively put this into practice within different organisations and sectors.

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