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The IT List #3

#3. Edge vs Chrome

In the third edition of The IT List, we look at some Edge features that may convince you to switch browser, how to spot phishing over SMS, and we show you a handy One Drive feature. Plus more!

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How often will I receive the IT List?

The IT List will land in your inbox every other month. That’s just six emails a year (until you tell us you want more).

What do you mean by ‘non-IT’ people?

The IT List is designed for people who use IT in their daily lives, but aren’t IT engineers or work in IT.

Who is behind The IT List?

The Team at Breakwater IT👋 We’re an IT support and services company based in Norwich.

Can I suggest a topic I want to know more about?

Absolutely! If there’s something you need further support on, we’re always happy to help. Just drop us an email.