Dardan Security Guard
Dardan Security Guard

Industry: Security
Location: Nationwide


Dardan Security delivers a comprehensive set of security solutions to clients across the UK, protecting both reputations and physical and human assets. The Gold Award for Quality from the National Security Inspectorate and the Approved Contractor status from the Security Industry Authority represent Dardan’s skill and compliance across a variety of security standards, including static guarding and mobile patrol services, screening & vetting, key holding and responsive services and door supervisors.

With a wide range of technical and professional expertise, Dardan is able to deliver security services to a diverse sector of industries from aviation, energy and transport, through to corporate, pharmaceutical, education and retail. Dardan understands that each industry and individual organisation has its own unique set of risks, threats and challenges, which is why they work to deliver solutions that meet clients’ needs and reinforce their values at every step.


Client Story

We worked with Dardan to retire their ageing server and migrate their data to the cloud. Read more below.

With their ageing server retired and their data moved to the cloud, Dardan Security can now enjoy the benefits of fast connectivity and the ability to work from anywhere seamlessly.


Dardan had multiple offices connecting to one physical server through a virtual private network (VPN). Their applications, files, and email were hosted on this server which needed to be replaced due to age.

When connecting to their server through the VPN, staff found it troublesome. The connection was unreliable and with employees working from home, on the move, and across their offices, it was causing difficulties accessing their data. The VPN itself was, additionally, difficult to manage and would fall behind on updates making it untrustworthy for daily usage.


To modernise Dardan’s IT network and keep things cost-effective, a move to the cloud was our solution.

We completed a file migration to move their data to Microsoft Teams. All workstations were added to Azure active directory, and we used Edge’s browser sync to ensure that no web browser settings were lost. We also moved their print management to the cloud using Printix – connected to Azure active directory to allow single sign-on.

Dardan use a legacy payroll application. An Azure virtual desktop was created to allow them to continue to use this alongside their move to the cloud. And to keep things secure, multi-factor authentication was applied for connecting to the virtual server.


Dardan’s VPN was switched off, their physical server retired, and all applications and data are now accessible in the cloud. Microsoft Teams guarantees 99.99% uptime, giving them the fast, reliable connection they need to work flexibly in the office, at home or on the move.

Additionally, all data is now synced allowing for better collaboration across the various locations of their employees. Staff could be working from multiple locations on a single document and see real-time updates.

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