Intro to Teams Webinar - Platform to Share
Intro to Teams Webinar - Platform to Share

In this webinar, we demo the basic functions of Microsoft Teams including chat, meetings, channels and more.

This webinar was recorded in March 2020. Some of the features and functionality of Microsoft Teams may have changed since then.

0:00 | Introduction
4:44 | Teams Overview
5:57 | Toolbar Demo
7:04 | Chats and Meetings
11:45 | Teams and Channels
21:47 | Business Voice in Teams
25:06 | Scheduling a Meeting
27:25 | Live Events
29:40 | File and Folder Storage
46:34 | Roadmap for Office 365
47:40 | Office Support 49:02 Q&A Session


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Using Microsoft Teams
Using Teams Channels in Teams
Files in Teams
Chat Meetings in Teams
Conversations in Teams