Cyber Security Conference 21 with John on stage presenting
Cyber Security Conference 21 with John on stage presenting

Our annual Cyber Security Conference took place on 9 December 2021. We were joined by John Greenwood from the Cybercrime Unit for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary, George Cochrane from Datto and tech expert, author, and presenter Jamie Bartlett. Here are some of our key takeaways from the event:

  • Look out for personalised attacks in the coming weeks including ‘Plan B’ and ‘Omicron’.
  • Use strong, separate passwords with three random words and a character mix password: “longer is stronger is better.”
  • Use a password manager and two-factor authentication. A two-factor authentication app is more secure than text codes.
  • Have backups in place and test them regularly.
  • Think about your approach to an incident. Employers need to set a no-blame culture otherwise staff won’t come forward.
  • “Cyber Security needs to be that balance between security and ease of use, otherwise our staff just aren’t going to use it and they won’t go on that journey with us.” – John Greenwood from the Cybercrime Unit for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary

You can download slides and watch content from the event below.

John Greenwood, Cybercrime Unit for Norfolk and Suffolk Police

John Greenwood opened our Cyber Security Conference with an insightful talk, highlighting current cyber security trends. John shared stories of recent real-life incidents and gave tips on how to keep individuals and businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

George Cochrane, Datto

George Cochrane of Datto joined us for a live talk and demo of the Datto backup and recovery service. During the demo, a laptop was placed into liquid nitrogen to destroy the machine and its data.

Jamie Bartlett

Tech expert, author and presenter Jamie Bartlett joined us as our keynote speaker. Jamie’s talk dived into the dark net, his podcast on The Missing Cryptoqueen and what he thinks the future of cyber frauds looks like.

Event Downloads

Download presentation slides and resources from the event here.

Presentation – Protecting your business from CyberCrime – Norfolk and Suffolk Police
Cyber Security Conference 2021 Gallery
A very interesting, thought-provoking conference. Having speakers from different industries and professions provided a really good dynamic and it was excellent, and I was pleased to attend.