Ian Egleton 10 Years of Service
Ian Egleton 10 Years of Service

This August, Ian Egleton celebrates 10 years of working here at Breakwater IT.

Originally from the North East, Ian spent 23 years in the Royal Air Force as an Electronics Technician on Airfield and Air Defence Radar systems. Additionally, he worked in the telecommunications field and as an IT network administrator.

In 2003, Ian left the Armed Forces to join the IT department of a privately owned company in the oil and gas sector. After some time working there as an IT Systems Engineer, Ian joined Breakwater. And in the 10 years that have now followed, Ian has seen huge change here.

“My 10 years here at Breakwater IT has seen some massive improvements in the way we work, changes in our processes and systems management which have improved the way we deliver support for our clients proactively. All of which keeps you on your toes and more importantly up to date with technology and what companies need to go about their business in a safe a secure way.

I have found the work fulfilling and most essentially working with the team here always enjoyable, to be honest I don’t know where the 10 years have gone.”

Thank you for your years of hard work so far Ian, here’s to the next 10!