Ecologi Tree Planting
Madagascar - Ecologi Tree Planting
Ecologi Tree Planting

Thursday 22 April marks Earth Day 2021. A day held annually since 1970. This year, we’re proud to launch our new Sustainability Policy. This policy sets out actions Breakwater staff must take, as well as things the business has put in place to support our journey to being more sustainable.

Within this policy, we introduced new campaigns to better support our planet. Here are some of the key things we are doing:

We Plant Trees

Ok, we don’t do it ourselves but every time we sell a laptop, we plant five trees using Ecologi. You can view our forest, see where we’ve planted and even gift us more trees:

Visit our forest

We Donate to Offset Carbon

Every month, we donate to carbon offset projects via Ecologi. You can read about these projects on our Ecologi page.

If you’re interested in using a platform like Ecologi, let us know. We’re happy to tell you more and send you a referral (each referral plants more trees!).

Our Office is Powered by Renewable Energy

And it always will be. We are committed to using 100% renewable energy suppliers to ensure our office is powered sustainably.

Electric Charging Points

In 2018 we installed electric charging points in our office car park. Since then, 30% of our staff now drive electric or hybrid vehicles.


We our old tech properly. If it can’t be recycled, we ensure the safe disposal of old equipment such as laptops. Our office also has compost and battery recycling bins.

In addition to this, we take donations of pre-loved laptops to be restored for local charities. Find out more.


Moving towards being a paperless office can prevent huge amounts of waste. We support this by turning paper-based processes into custom apps. Not only do custom apps save paper waste, but they save our time. And yours too if you’d like one.

Cutting Down Travel

We’ve set ourselves a target to hold 50% of our client meetings virtually. We understand some still enjoy the face-to-face connections. But the more we go virtual, the lower the travel emissions.

Nearly all of our support is carried out remotely. It not only reduces travel emissions but saves your time not waiting for an engineer to come to site. Only where there is no alternative option will we go to site.

Moving Forward

We aim to keep learning and keep progressing. We are looking at ways to make our supply chain more sustainable, including the production of things like staff branded clothing. Additionally, we are looking at ways to better track our carbon footprint to ensure we offset our impact.

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