The Feed - Cafe
The Feed - Cafe

We are pleased to announce that we are starting our first charity of the year programme at Breakwater IT! And our first charity as chosen by our team is…🥁 The Feed!

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The Feed is a social enterprise catering business with a café in Norwich. Their purpose is to find ways to prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich. Daily, they work towards their vision which is Communities Free from Poverty.

The Feed operates multiple cafes in Norwich, including the Waterloo Park Pavilion Cafe, their Price of Wales Road Cafe and the REST Cafe on Bethel Street.

Our search for a charity of the year began by asking staff to nominate charities. The theme of supporting charities involved in supporting homelessness was apparent. This year, The Feed is raising money to open a Social Supermarket. A place where those in need can purchase affordable groceries, as well as many other opportunities. We, therefore, felt this was a great cause to get behind.

Breakwater IT has donated £1,000 towards the Social Supermarket. Throughout the year our team will then be taking part in fundraising activities to raise money and spread awareness of The Feed.