Liam and Jess
Liam and Jess

At the start of July, we welcomed Liam and Jess to the Service Desk team as our newest trainees.

In joining the team, Jess has created a milestone for Breakwater as our first female engineer on the Service Desk.

Liam joins us as a Trainee Junior Systems and Workshop Engineer, and Jess as a Trainee Junior Systems Engineer. We can’t wait to see them grow in their roles, but in the meantime, why not find out a little more about them with our welcome questionnaire:

What is your professional background?

Liam: I have spent the past 8 years working my way up in the retail world under Tesco, I went from a Customer Assistant in large stores at the age of 16 all the way to Shift Leader in the smaller express format stores.

Jess: Primarily customer service and administration. I worked at the University of East Anglia for 6 years where I progressed to manage the campus Travel and Transport team (the wonderful work of parking!). I then pursued a dream of mine to go to Canada where I spent a couple of years travelling and working seasonal jobs (managed to get a ski season in just before covid hit!).

Since being back, I’ve been temping whilst looking for an opportunity to enter the tech industry. So here I am at BWIT – my first IT job!

If you could only keep three apps on your phone, which would you keep?

Liam: Facebook, TikTok and Reddit, I live in the tight grip of social media apps!

Jess: Spotify, Pinterest and Mario Kart.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

Liam: My biggest personal achievement is the birth of my two sons, our second son Arthur is now 2 months old and his older brother who unfortunately passed away at 3 months is always with us.

My biggest achievement professionally is starting my job at Breakwater! It sounds biased however I am finally in a role that allows me to work in the industry I have always wanted to.

Jess: I really can’t think of anything for this as bad as that sounds … currently teaching myself Javascript and if I ever manage to get my head around that, I’ll be chuffed!

If you had an extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?

Liam: If I am being honest, take a nap. Sleep can be elusive with a child!

Jess: I’d love to know how to longboard dance so maybe I’d spend an extra hour in a day dedicated to that.

Are you team iPhone or team Android?

Liam: Team Android all the way!

Jess: No real affiliation either way – I have an iPhone but only because there was a good deal when I was phone shopping!

Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

Liam: I once met Miles Kane and got a picture with him at a Liam Gallagher concert!

Jess: My first job was at Maccy D’s and Ross Kemp popped in for a McFlurry one time.

If you could be any character in a video game, who would you be?

Liam: I would choose to be the Lone Engineer from Factorio, so much freedom to build what I want.

Jess: Kaori from SSX.

If you could have invented or created anything, what would it be?

Liam: Hover Cars for definite! Think of all the time you could save from not being stuck in traffic.

Jess: Serious answer alert – I would invent a pill or a button that would instantly put you to sleep. I know sleeping pills and alcohol exist, but this would be in a natural way.

If you were a wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?

Liam: Shawn Michaels’ sexy boy theme, a man can dream!

Jess: Hmmmm… so many good choices but maybe I’d go for something to get the crowd going like a 90’s dance tune – maybe a little Rhythm is a dancer.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Liam: To be able to build custom PC’s all day with no budgets!

Jess: Super star DJ!