If you’re here with concerns about the state of our Managing Director’s hair, don’t worry, we can explain all.

What started as a mullet, evolved into a bet, and then further evolved into John growing his frizzy locks in aid of our charity of the year, Break. John’s hair journey, so far, has been an emotional one for us all. So if you can, add a few pennies to our fundraising page to help support the growth of an amazing charity, and John’s amazing hair. Thank you.🙏 Donate here.

AKA: The Boss

John is the boss. He does boss stuff including making executive decisions on things like purchasing a Soda Stream, and what day of the week to make Spaghetti Bolognese.

When he’s not busy feeding us, John is a boss at looking after our clients. As part of our account management team, he regularly meets with clients to help make their IT faster, more efficient, and more secure. Not to mention his boss work in managing and directing Breakwater as an organisation to support the team in delivering our mission. Did we mention he’s our boss?

“Before Breakwater I did IT for a recruitment firm and a solicitor. I’m a tech at heart. I have a genuine interest in my chosen career and a desire to keep on learning. This is something that the shifting nature of IT allows you to do and why I actively encourage training and education within Breakwater.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I am a regular at the gym and have been known to take part in challenging sporting events. To balance this out, my other hobbies include beer, pub, beer, food and… beer.🍻”

Name one thing about you that surprises people:

“I really like Little Mix.

(No seriously… we have to listen to ‘Little Mix Radio’ at least once a week in the office.)”

I can’t speak more highly of Breakwater IT and their staff and would highly recommend them.
Michael Vaughan, Unity Schools Partnership