Jordan keeps the business running. She’s always on the lookout for inefficiencies and ways to make us more effective at delivering a great service.

Jordan manages both our marketing and projects teams and is a key point of contact for our clients. She works hard with her team to help clients get the most out of their IT Systems. Jordan is also regularly involved in demonstrations, site visits and webinars, so you’re sure to see her out and about!

Jordan has a range of experience from retail and hospitality to account management. “There pretty much isn’t anything I haven’t done 🙂 I even worked as a stable hand for 2 years.

Qualifications in leisure and events management mean I like to be organised. I always try to think ahead – anticipating people’s needs and making sure we can meet them.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“Visiting different countries – I want to cover at least 75% before I die. Beer & the pub.🍻 Driving my Dad’s Westfield track car on track days. My dream car is a G Wagon.”

Name one thing about you that surprises people:

“I love Kim K – not sure that’s surprising?! I become the biggest football fan at the hint of any major tournament.”

Jordan is always helping us to look for solutions and proactively finding details to support our options and help us make a decision.
Charley Purves, New Anglia LEP