Phishing Password
Phishing Password

This year we’ve been working on upgrading and adding to our IT support package to ensure that your business uses the most reliable, innovative and secure tools possible.

Our latest addition is phishing simulation emails.🎣

Four times a year, your end users will receive a fake phishing email. These emails are designed to identify the different types of emails different departments within your organisation will fall for.

If a user engages with a simulation, they will be notified about the simulation and given tips and training on how to avoid falling for them.

Management teams within your organisation can also receive reports on how the simulation went.

Phishing simulations are not designed to get users in trouble, but to:

  • identify areas where additional training may be required to spot phishing scams
  • educate employees – many simulations will give you tips on how to spot phishing attempts
  • improve your security culture through real-world experience

These phishing emails come at no additional cost to existing or new support clients.

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Phishing Password
We’re Adding Phishing Simulations to Our Support Package
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