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Connecting to a career in IT

IT, unquestionably, remains an ever-evolving industry and at Breakwater we really do take satisfaction in being able to re-direct this growth to other organisations who are perhaps not experts in the field – sharing the cutting edge technology that is now available to them to support their day to day interactions.

We have a team of skilled technicians and account managers that work with clients to understand their needs, supporting them and communicating the wide range of solutions available from some of the world’s leading technology providers.

Of course, our team members were not always as knowledgeable as they are today and all found their own routes into the IT industry. We wanted to give you a taster of the stories behind the team and hope you enjoy having a read of our Q&A – each month quizzing a new Breakwater employee.

Breakwater is an equal opportunities employer.

Q&A with our Apprentice Service Desk Professional, Toby Kalkman:

So, why IT?

From a young age technology has always been a big passion for me, so it only seemed fitting to go into an IT orientated job.

Did you need any particular qualifications to get started in the IT industry?

I have a Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT which I obtained in College – this qualification not only gave me lots of the expertise that I use in my job today but also helped me understand what it would be like to really work within IT.

Since joining Breakwater I have learnt more than I could ever imagine and I am very happy to continue extending my knowledge of technology, through practical ‘hands-on’ experience and further qualifications.

What the most important things you have learnt since working in IT?

The one thing they couldn’t teach me in college was how to adapt and evolve around different systems and set-ups. I now understand how to approach each client enquiry – discovering what the underlying cause of the issue is and delivering a resolution as efficiently as I am able. This isn’t always easy but when I resolve an issue it is a great feeling and I can then take what I have learnt with me into the next day.

What’s a typical day for you like at Breakwater?

Being on the first line requires me to be always ready to answer the phone and respond to clients as quickly as possible. A typical day involves numerous interactions, both on the phone, in email and site visits, dealing with enquiries as they come in and hopefully lots of happy clients and ticket closures. My days are never really the same, and I really enjoy the variety of working within IT – looking at different systems and software, learning as I go.

Can you give us an insight into the ‘human’ side of Breakwater life?

It’s a great team here at Breakwater and an atmosphere of camaraderie in the office. There are lots of social gatherings organised and we take part in work events for some of our clients – we are gearing up for Only The Brave 2018 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

IT is a vast, ever-changing field – what aspect of it do you most enjoy?

Being a big fan of IT I think the thing I enjoy the most is constantly discovering and finding out more about new technologies. IT is always changing and evolving so I aim to stay ahead of the curve and spend a lot of my free time researching and looking into new technologies coming onto the market. I am forever trying to learn and I hope this never stops.

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