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Connecting to a career in IT

IT, unquestionably, remains an ever-evolving industry and at Breakwater we really do take satisfaction in being able to re-direct this growth to other organisations who are perhaps not experts in the field – sharing the cutting edge technology that is now available to them to support their day to day interactions.

We have a team of skilled Engineers and Account Managers that work with clients to understand their needs, supporting them and communicating the wide range of solutions available from some of the world’s leading technology providers.

Of course, our team members were not always as knowledgeable as they are today and all found their own routes into the IT industry. We wanted to give you a taster of the stories behind the team and hope you enjoy having a read of our Q&A – each month quizzing a new Breakwater employee.

Breakwater is an equal opportunities employer.

Q&A with our Network Administrator, John Pyman:

So, why IT?

I always been fascinated by how things work – that evolved into an interest in computers which lead me into my first IT role. We’re all lucky to be working in IT at a time when advances in technology seem to be happening at an exponential rate.

There are some very cool technologies out there now and we get to play with them for a living!

Did you need any particular qualifications to get started in the IT industry?

Specialist qualifications are not essential in starting a career in IT. They can obviously help but employers also value hard work and a willingness to learn.

There are near unlimited resources available for people who wish to increase their IT knowledge and progress their careers.

Breakwater have always invested heavily in training, staff are given access to many vendors’ training portals and continual personal development is always promoted.

What are the most important things you have learnt working in IT?

No matter how long you have worked in the industry, one of the best resources you can tap into is the knowledge and support of your peers.

What’s a typical day for you like at Breakwater?

My role at Breakwater has recently changed and I now spend more of my time carrying out Network and Security audits on our clients’ networks. As part of the Network Standards Team, my role involves taking a close look at our client’s infrastructure in order to identify potential issues. I work to resolve any vulnerabilities before they have a chance to cause downtime or have a detrimental effect on client productivity.

Applying best practices and agreed standards to aspects of our client’s infrastructure, backups or Active Directory for example, also helps to streamline the support function as we ensure that there is a level of consistency that is adhered to, even across separate client sites.

Can you give us an insight into the ‘human’ side of Breakwater life?

We all work very hard but we also find time to spend some downtime together outside of the office. There are regular evenings out as well as a company day out each summer – and not forgetting the office Christmas party!

We also take part in numerous charity events such as East Anglian Air Ambulance’s Only The Brave obstacle course, and the slightly less athletic, but equally likely to leave you feeling worse for wear the following day, Porkstock.

IT is a vast, ever-changing field – what aspect of it do you most enjoy?

The fact that IT is ever-changing is one of the most appealing aspects of the industry. The products and services that are available now compared to when I started in IT are light years ahead of what could be achieved previously.

The opportunity to apply an exciting new technology and to see genuine business benefits is always rewarding.

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Lee Fuller

Junior Systems Engineer

As part of the Service Desk team I deliver ongoing support for our diverse range of clients. It is my role to respond to enquiries as they come in and provide assistance so users are able to keep working efficiently.

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