Careers at Breakwater

We have a team of skilled Engineers and Account Managers that work with clients to understand their needs, supporting them and communicating the wide range of solutions available from some of the world’s leading technology providers.

At Breakwater there is a focus on continual training and supporting Engineers in achieving qualifications to equip them with the skills to deliver an excellent level of client service.

We are always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed and talented Engineers.

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Careers at Breakwater

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Q&A with Systems Engineer, Lewis Hepburn

So Why IT?

IT was already starting to shape the future of business when I was at school and I was interested in the potential it offered and the seemingly limitless capabilities of technology. My Dad was equally enthralled with computers in the 90’s and I grew up with games consoles and PC’s from an early age. Being surrounded by technology more than likely encouraged by interest in IT and helped me to gain my first job back in 2012.

What have been the most valuable skills you have learnt along the way?

Clear communication with the client is crucial at all points, especially in a situation where there is an issue that needs resolving. Even if a client doesn’t want or need to know the complexities behind a solution, it is important for them to know you are there to talk to and that you will update them on your progress. Also using the resources to hand, whether that is the internet, documentation or colleagues around you to help you understand and resolve the situation as efficiently as possible.

What is a typical day for you like at Breakwater?

No day is the same as the last. Where some days for one person is calm and steady, another might be super busy, but this is where we work as a team to offer each other assistance if possible.

Is IT and the way organisations interact with it changing?

Yes definitely. More and more companies are moving towards IT based solutions. Coming from an Architect firm where most people were using drawing boards originally for everything to seeing that same firm now reliant on laptops is a prime example of how IT is changing and how organisations are interacting with technologies more and more each year.

What does the future have in store?

Breakwater have supported my journey from Junior Systems Engineer to Systems Engineer, encouraging training and qualifications that enable us to progress in our careers. Next steps for me will be expanding on my Office 365 MCSA to achieve my Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Productivity 2019 certification and also gaining qualifications in Windows 10 and Comp TIA.

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Andy Malcolm

Systems Engineer - Team Leader

My specialism is Windows desktop, server and application support, with an in depth knowledge of customer sites and software requirements.

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