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What is Microsoft Viva Engage?

Viva Engage is essentially a social networking service platform from Microsoft designed for organisations. Using Viva Engage, you can create communities to keep employees up to date and share knowledge.

Is Viva Engage just Yammer?

Yes. In Summer 2023, Microsoft began rebranding Yammer as Viva Engage. There is no difference between Viva Engage and Yammer as they are the same platform.

How to use Viva Engage

Viva Engage can be used as a way to communicate and share knowledge within your organisation.

You create communities, which employees can be added to or join as they please. You then have four posting options within a community:

  • Discussion: general posts
  • Question: highlight an important question to gather responses
  • Praise: highlight some good feedback or work by a colleague
  • Poll: create a poll to get votes on a topic

Within each community, you can also add relevant documents and resources for members.

We created a video demo (back when Viva Engage was Yammer) to show you more about the platform. Whilst some things have changed, the platform generally remains very similar. In this video, you’ll learn what Viva Engage networks and communities are, as well as how to use Viva Engage within your organisation.


0:00 | Introduction
0:06 | Yammer Overview
0:34 | Home Feed
0:58 | Inbox
1:11 | All Communities
2:21 | Favourites
2:52 | Your Communities
3:09 | Overview of a Community | Settings | Posting | Interacting
12:44 | Members Section
13:17 | Info Section
13:19 | Pinned Section
14:00 | Top Toolbar | Settings | Help | Feedback | Alerts | Old Yammer
17:18 | Search Bar
17:47 | Waffle Icon/App Launcher 18:09 Yammer on Teams

This video was recorded in September 2021. Some of the features and functionality of Yammer may have changed since then.

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