Jamie Chapman

Systems Engineer

On the Service Desk it is down to us to deliver the help and guidance clients need when it comes to technical support.

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As a Systems Engineer, I resolve any issues and work on projects to enhance our clients’ systems. I respond to client enquiries, talking them through the actions we take. Each time considering the right solution for both their current situation and the longer-term.

My experience and values

I have a BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners. As well as a career that has focused on technology and helping people use it in the most effective way.

Working in IT support since 2009, I have been on the service desk in both the public and private sectors. This allows me to understand the balance of listening to users’ needs and guiding them through the technologies available to help them.

Life outside Breakwater

All things technology are still a way to pass the time outside the office – playing with the latest gadgets and building PC’s. I have also surprised myself by how much I enjoy cooking, and of course, sampling the results.

"Jamie kept us up to date and kept going until the issue was fully resolved."

  • Nicola Greenough, Rudlings Wakelam Solicitors

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