Our Junior Systems Engineers are the first point of call for incoming client IT issues. They, like Jess, will be the first to attempt a fix for your technical issues. When you call with a problem, they’ll begin the troubleshooting process, creating a detailed log in case the issue needs to be escalated to our Systems Engineers.

Jess joined us in 2022 as a Trainee Junior Systems Engineer and notably was Breakwater’s first-ever female Engineer. After completing her CompTIA A+, Jess dropped ‘Trainee’ from her title in 2023.

Before joining Breakwater, Jess worked in the Estates team at the University of East Anglia for 6 years. “I started as the Security Assistant and progressed to manage the Travel and Transport Team. Aside from this, I worked in the Customer Contact Team at Norwich City Council.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I am currently teaching myself to code and enjoy designing and building made-up webpages. Also, yoga, going out for brunch, trying new craft beers, and disk golf! My ultimate happy place though is snowboarding through the trees with my headphones in.🏂”

Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

“My first job was at Maccy D’s and Ross Kemp popped in for a McFlurry one time.”


Thanks Jess, always done in a quick and timely manner!
Andy Barnard, Dardan Security