COVID-19 Update

The UK Government is now advising individuals to start working from home and distancing themselves from entertainment venues such as theatres and pubs. As such, we want to keep our clients updated with our latest measures.

Our priority is keeping both Breakwater and our client’s organisations running as smoothly as possible during this situation, whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of staff.

Site Visits

We have made the decision to stop all non-essential site visits. If you have a site visit planned, your engineer will be in touch to confirm if this is still going ahead. All site visits conducted will follow strict policies to minimise contact.

We will ask staff to wash their hands on arrival to premises, after handling or installing equipment and when leaving.

Working from Home

Breakwater staff who are either high risk or have family members who are high risk are working from home. All staff have also been given the option to work from home.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 18 March, we will be testing all staff working from home. Staff will leave the office at staggered periods to ensure we continue providing the required support.

Support Requests

We are receiving a high volume of support requests in response to the current situation and changes in Government advice. Therefore, we want to reassure our clients that we are working through the tickets in chronological order and by priority.

We are looking into new solutions continuously to support our clients during this difficult and uncertain period.

If you need any support or advice, please do get in touch.

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An integral part of my role is to advise you on the range of communication solutions available and how these have the capacity to create efficiencies within your existing systems.

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