Embrace Microsoft Teams Today

On 14 March it will be three years since Microsoft rolled out Teams. Since its launch Microsoft Teams has enabled businesses to enhance their productivity through its integration of collaborative technologies. Here are our top five reasons why your business should adopt Microsoft Teams:

Embrace Microsoft Teams Today

Communicate efficiently with the right people

Within the interface you can set up Team channels to communicate directly with specific departments or project teams. For example, you could set up a marketing channel to include staff who work in that department. Each Team has a ‘Posts’ tab, creating a group chat where you can share files and collaborate. You can tag specific members of the team in your posts if there is something direct you need them to review. Your Team will also have a Files tab which gives access to specific files for that Team. This means there’s no more scrolling through endless folders you don’t need. You can also set up a range of other tabs including to-do lists, notepads, spreadsheets, and so much more!

Say goodbye to hundreds of emails

We’ve all had that panic of coming back after a holiday to hundreds of emails. In Teams, you can simply check your channels and read the flow of conversation. This eliminates time wasted reading one email at a time to catch up.

Collaborate easily

On the Teams interface you can create and collaborate on different files without switching apps. Teams has strong integration with Office 365 allowing you to produce Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents. These can then be shared within your Team to gather feedback and make quick changes.

More effective meetings

If you regularly plan meetings, then Meetings in Teams is great for you! You can invite the meeting participants and share the agenda within the chat. This allows you to then receive quick changes and make updates that all attendees can see. Once you’ve held the meeting a recording is immediately available, meaning there’s no panic if you missed something. You can then create actions in the same channel and follow up on those.

Constantly connected

Teams is a fully cloud-based solution meaning you can access it anytime, anywhere. There is a mobile Teams app which gives you immediate access to all the apps and documents, same as on your PC. Teams keeps you connected on the go.

If you think embracing Microsoft Teams could be the right move for your business, speak to our expert team today to find out how we can support you.

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I joined Breakwater as a Junior Systems Engineer – working with our Service Desk team to support them with enquiries and ensuring clients’ IT systems are operating effectively.

Breakwater has supported me in gaining technical qualifications since I joined the company, including my CompTIA A+ and Network+, resulting in the certification entitled CompTIA IT Operations Specialist. This has enabled me to progress within the business to my current role of Systems Engineer.

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