How we can Support your Office Return

The UK Government is encouraging businesses to welcome back employees to the office. Whilst some may be in a rush to return and others are adopting working from home full time, there are many businesses looking for a more flexible option.

Desk Booking App - Downstairs Office
Desk Booking App - Meeting Room
Check In Board
Client Movement Tracker

We’ve chosen the flexible approach. This is to ensure our staff feel comfortable returning to the workplace as and when they are ready.

To follow current workplace guidance we’ve had to restrict access to areas and stop some desks being used. Your business may have also done the same. So how can you manage different staff, coming in on different dates with limited capacity?

Our SharePoint Developer, Gintas, has developed us a new desk booking app using Microsoft Power Apps. The app, which sits in Microsoft Teams, allows our staff to view the office layout each week. They then book themselves a desk for the days they wish to be in the office. You can also see who has booked other desks and on what day, making it easy if you need to collaborate with someone on a project.

We can adapt and develop this entirely to suit your needs, including layouts, floor levels, rooms, branding and much more! This has created a simple and efficient way to manage staff onsite whilst being able to keep safe distances and adhere to the relevant guidance.

Gintas has also developed additional apps for Breakwater and our clients, including check-in apps for visitors and contractors onsite. This can help support the need for Track and Trace and monitoring limited capacities within buildings/sites.

If you’d like to know more about custom built apps – get in touch today:


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I am part of our first line of support for clients – the Service Desk. As a Systems Engineer, I respond to incoming enquiries, resolving any issues and providing guidance to businesses.

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