LastPass Making Changes to Free Accounts

From 16 March 2021, LastPass will be making changes to free accounts. Anyone using a free account will only be able to access that account on either a desktop OR mobile, not both.

The first device you log in to on or after 16 March will be set as your active device type. However, you will be able to change this once you’ve logged in.

If you opt for desktop, this will include all of your desktop computers and laptops. Alternatively, if you select mobile, this will include mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches.

This move many push users upgrade to a premium licence. A premium account for an individual with LastPass costs £2.60 per month (billed annually). In the scheme of keeping your accounts secure, this is a small price to pay in comparison to a breach.

However, some have opted to move to alternative sites, like Keeper. Don’t forget though, browsers such as Micrsoft Edge also have built-in password managers. Microsoft has also recently linked their password manager on Edge with their mutli-factor authentication app, allowing password management across all devices.

If you’ve been using an individual LastPass account to secure your work passwords, we urge you to consider rolling-out a business account organisation-wide. Either with LastPass or an alternative platform. To find out why you should invest in a password manager, read our previous insight here.

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