Microsoft Viva Connections Starts General Rollout

In February, Microsoft announced a new employee experience platform called Viva. Viva is experienced through Microsoft Teams and other 365 apps. Viva is broken down into four modules. In this insight, we are looking at Viva Connections.

What is Viva Connections?

Viva connections is the module of Viva described by Microsoft as ‘your gateway to a modern employee experience’. It’s designed to help people connect, focus and learn through flexible working. Bringing together relevant news, conversations and resources from your company.

Viva Connections is currently rolling out throughout March.


Communicating with employees, particularly when remote working, can be a challenge.

Viva supports this with a personalised feed in which employees can explore and contribute to company news updates. You can publish content from apps such as Yammer, SharePoint and Stream direct to employee feeds. A boost feature allows you to pin a news item to the top of the feed. The item will leave the top of the feed based on rules you set, for example: until read, always on top or X number of impressions.

In addition to this, you can use audience targeting to share information with specific departments or roles within your organisation.

Branded, Personalised Dashboard

The dashboard in Viva Connections is like a company homepage for employees. It’s a central destination for employees to find resources or complete tasks. Each dashboard is customisable but also branded to reflect your organisations brand.

Customisation can be tailored to suit departments. For example: placing a clock-in board from Shifts on the homepage for those who need to clock-in each day. You can easily create a card from any existing Teams app to place it in your Viva Connections dashboard. Additionally, our SharePoint expert can use Microsoft Power Apps to make custom solutions.

Licencing and Deployment

All employees within your organisation licensed for SharePoint will be able to use Viva Connections at no additional cost. If you are unsure which license you are using, please contact us at Breakwater.

There are steps you will need to take to deploy Viva Connections to your employees once available. This includes upgrading to SharePoint Online, deploying a SharePoint home site and launching Yammer communities within Teams. If you have any questions on deployment or would like support in doing so, get in touch.

Viva Connections is currently rolling out throughout March. The mobile version will be available in Summer 2021.

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