As your business grows and the demands and complexities of your IT system increases, you sometimes require an independent view of how your infrastructure is operating – our range of consultancy services offers just that.


Even if you are a larger business, with an in-house IT team, the requirement for day-to-day support can inhibit opportunities to review systems against wider industry knowledge.

We combine practical advice with the recommendation of suitable technologies to improve efficiencies and maximise return on investment.

IT Projects

Delivering a successful IT project requires the right resources and a detailed knowledge of your systems and business objectives.

Scheduling in-house time to reflect on your project can be difficult, by outsourcing you create the opportunity to carefully consider your long-term goals, whilst we ensure a successful delivery strategy.


Licensing, particularly with Microsoft products, can initially appear complex. There are a host of different solutions and versions, each with their own requirements and purchasing options.

We simplify the licensing process by providing clear-cut guidance on how to remain compliant.


Established relationships with some of technology’s leading distributors enables us to offer a cost-effective, straightforward service for the procurement of IT hardware and software.

Remove the complicated process of dealing with multiple suppliers and part-codes by letting us source the best technologies for your business.

Site Surveys

A comprehensive overview of your IT systems provides an impartial view of any vulnerable areas against proven best practices.

It is helpful for any business to understand where inherent risks can be eliminated and the subsequent upgrade paths and opportunities for efficiency gains.

Our Site Surveys allow you to take a step back from the detail, obtaining a clear assessment from which you can make strategic gains.

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"All of the Partners were delighted with how Breakwater ran the Project for us. After significant planning and preparation they delivered it on time and on budget with no disruption at all to our day-to-day operations. We would not hesitate to recommend Breakwater to other organisations looking for an IT company that actually achieves what it promises!"

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Gintas Kuncevicius

SharePoint Developer

As Breakwater’s SharePoint Developer, I enhance our technical team with a focused area of expertise that enables us to advise and guide clients through the many and varied capabilities of SharePoint.

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