CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) qualifications equip our team with the skills to quickly and effectively problem solve for clients.

CompTIA Network+

We support our Engineers in achieving their CompTIA certifications as they open up new career opportunities and create a platform of expertise.

Congratulations to William Palmer on achieving his CompTIA Network+ certification. This is the next step up from CompTIA A+ and shows Will can confidently design, configure, and troubleshoot any wired or wireless device.

Essentially, CompTIA helps us to effectively manage and maintain your network devices, keeping your operation running smoothly.

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William Palmer

Systems Engineer

I joined Breakwater as a Junior Systems Engineer – working with our Service Desk team to support them with enquiries and ensuring clients’ IT systems are operating effectively.

Breakwater has supported me in gaining technical qualifications since I joined the company, including my CompTIA A+ and Network+, resulting in the certification entitled CompTIA IT Operations Specialist. This has enabled me to progress within the business to my current role of Systems Engineer.

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