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All the demo videos were filmed using a Microsoft E3 Enterprise license. Some of the features may not be available with other licenses. The videos were recorded in February 2022. Some of the features and functionality may have changed since then.

Microsoft Teams: Application Overview and Settings (1/7)

Microsoft Teams: Activity Feed (2/7)

Microsoft Teams: Chat (3/7)

Microsoft Teams: Teams and Channels (4/7)

Microsoft Teams: Calendar and Meetings (5/7)

Microsoft Teams: Calls (6/7)

Microsoft Teams: OneDrive (Previously Files) (7/7)

Using Microsoft Teams

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Using Microsoft Teams
What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is primarily a business communications platform. It’s part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Teams offers a range of collaboration methods, including chat, video conferencing, file storage, app integration and a VoIP telephony system.

Where is Microsoft Teams Data Stored?

Data from Microsoft Teams is stored in SharePoint. It can be accessed through your Files tab in Teams or through file explorer if it has been synced from Teams.

Can you join a Teams meeting without an account?

Yes. You can click on the meeting link sent in the email to join. The Teams meeting will then open in a web browser for you to join. You do not need to download the application – however, some features may be unavailable for browser only.

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