Microsoft Teams 2.0
Microsoft Teams 2.0

In March 2023, Microsoft released a new version of the Teams Windows app into public preview. The new version of Teams has been named ‘Teams 2.0’. So, why is Microsoft building a new Teams app?

What is Microsoft Teams 2.0?

Teams 2.0 is a new Teams desktop app for Windows. And when we say new, we don’t mean something completely different to what’s already there. Teams 2.0 is, essentially, a re-build.

The app is currently in public preview, which means only those signed up for early access will be able to use the new application. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the app is expected to be generally available this October.

Teams 2.0 is designed to be faster, use 50% less memory and reduce its drain on your battery life. It also comes with new features not available on, what we’ll call, ‘classic Teams’.

New Features of Teams 2.0

First, the general look and feel of Teams 2.0 is simplified. It’s almost stripped back to make the user experience as clean and clear as possible.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 teams channel

Alongside a general app refresh is the new Files app. The new design is not only much cleaner but is designed to replicate file explorer, making the experience more familiar to you. You can also filter by file type.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 new files app

If we head to a Team, you may notice in the Posts tab that the ‘Start a new post’ box has moved to the top. When you post in Teams 2.0, posts will list top to bottom rather than bottom to top. This is to make the Posts tab feel more like a feed than a chat. You can also used the more options (three dots) to pop out a post thread. This is great if you have a busy Team with lots of posts to pop one out and focus on that.

Another new feature is the ability to switch Teams accounts without logging in and out. When you click on your profile icon, you’ll have the option to switch to another Teams login. You can also see if you have notifications on your other accounts, colour code them and set a status for each login.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 multiple account access

Two other things to note about Teams 2.0; firstly, Teams notifications will come from Windows rather than Teams; second, only Teams 2.0 will get new AI features.

So, whilst we’re talking about what’s new with Teams 2.0…

What’s missing from Teams 2.0 vs Classic Teams?

Microsoft have slowly been adding missing features and apps to Teams 2.0. Since it first went into public preview in March, our list of missing features has shrunk significantly. Here are some of the key missing features left:

  • Commands don’t work.
  • The camera preview in device settings isn’t there.
  • The Organisation and Activity tabs in chat are missing.

This list was updated 31/07/23.

How do I get Microsoft Teams 2.0?

If you’d like to give Microsoft Teams 2.0 a go, you’ll need to have Public Preview enabled on your Microsoft Teams account. To do this, you will need to have access to your Teams Admin Center. Click here to learn how to enable Public Preview.

A look at Teams 2.0

We’ve put together a quick look at Teams 2.0. ⌚ Watch time: 2:27.

This video was filmed on 24/04/23, as such, some missing features from Teams 2.0 may have been added since recording.

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