Microsoft Teams logo with speech bubbles
Microsoft Teams logo with speech bubbles

Microsoft Teams is designed to be your organisation’s central hub for collaborating and communicating.

There are plenty of great features within Teams to support this. Here are our top three that could help improve your communication among your colleagues.

Instant Team Meetings

Within each team channel, you will see a video icon in the top right corner. This allows you to start an instant call with your whole team, or schedule one for the future.

Instant calls are great when you need a quick catch up or emergency meeting with your channel team members. And scheduling a meeting from this button means the meeting will be added to all channel members automatically.

Tagging Your Team

When you want to make sure your team members are alerted to a post, rather than individually tagging each member, you can type the ‘@’ and then either write ‘team’ or the name of your team to tag everyone. This will then send all team members a notification.

Sending Outlook Emails to Teams

If you’ve received an Outlook email, and you want feedback or input from your team on the email topic, you can forward your email to a team. In Outlook, you will see a ‘Share to Teams’ button with the Teams logo. A pop up will appear asking where you want the email to be shared to. Simply type in the team name and your email will appear as a post in that team.

If you’d like to see these features in action, you can watch our demo video below.


0:00 Introduction
0:13 Instant Team Meeting
0:49 Tagging Your Team
2:15 Sending an Outlook Email to a Team

This video was recorded in December 2021. Some of the features and functionality of Microsoft Teams may have changed since then.

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