New Microsoft Teams Meeting Features

Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference hosted by Microsoft to showcase and demo their latest products and updates. This year, Microsoft presented several new meeting and webinar features coming to Teams soon. Here are our ones to watch…

New Microsoft Teams Meeting Features

Dynamic View

We have been anticipating the arrival of Dynamic View for a while now. At Ignite, Nicole Herskowitz, General Manager of Microsoft Teams shared that this is now rolling out. Dynamic View automatically adjusts the view depending on attendees and content shared. Despite the view being automatically generated, you can still change this to suit your preferences. This could be gallery, spotlight or together mode.

However, Nicole also showed a new view coming to Teams meetings; gallery at top. Gallery at top puts multiple participants feeds across the top of your screen, with content such as a presentation below. This, Nicole stated, ‘optimises for eye contact’.

PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint Live allows you to share a PowerPoint presentation in a Teams meeting. However, it comes with additional features. You’ll be able to see your upcoming slides, presenter notes and timings. You can also switch on live captions and zoom in to sections of the presentation.

From a participant view, you can choose to allow them to view the presentation at their own pace. This means each individual participant can go back a slide, without disrupting the presentation. They will be able to view at their own pace.

Presenter Mode

Presenter Mode gives you the option to set up your PowerPoint Presentation and video to put you in the content. Teams can remove your background and place in on top of the presentation, or next to it. Alternatively, you can keep your full camera view and place it side-by-side with your presentation.


Webinar is a new meeting mode coming to Microsoft Teams. Accessed via your calendar, you’ll have access to a full attendee experience setup. You can set up custom registration pages, which will automatically email attendees a joining link for the meeting.

Webinars will include features with your typical meetings, such as live reactions, chat and moderated Q&A. Cameras and microphones can also be switched on or off. Webinars will hold 1,000 attendees. Once this limit is reached, the webinar will switch to a live broadcast. Participants can still join, but not interact.

Once the webinar concludes, you will have access to reports on attendee participation and engagement. The webinar experience will also be integrated with Dynamics 365. This means you can follow up with participants with email campaigns based on their actions.

Invite Only Meeting Controls

Invite Only Meeting Controls will keep your Teams meetings private. This is by only allowing those who have received an invitation to join.

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