A central part of the Breakwater platform is its integrated security solution.


Components are selected on the basis that they work effectively together to regularly monitor, maintain and protect your systems – ultimately reducing risk.

Email Security

Delivering advanced malware and virus protection, our content filtering and email continuity services are simple to deploy and straightforward to manage.

Our cloud-based service blocks 100% of known viruses and more than 99% of spam emails before they reach your network, minus the expense of managing any hardware.

In the event of unplanned downtime, continuity and archiving services mean emails can be accessed and maintained through a secure data centre.

Website Security

Cloud security offers you powerful protection across all devices and locations and stops malware before it reaches your systems.

Regular monitoring of internet activity identifies anomalies and distinguishes patterns, enabling the detection and subsequent blocking of malicious content.


A fully-managed solution that enables you to implement a proactive and efficient strategy to protect your network from malicious security threats.

Your computers, laptops and servers are safeguarded by complete endpoint protection and scanning of critical system areas automatically disables infected hardware and recovers systems after infection – saving you valuable time and resources.


Security is a serious consideration for any business as malware continues to evolve and advance.

To ensure your network has the best chance of combatting cyber threats, we work with leading partners such as Microsoft, Cisco and Datto.

With innovative solutions and collective knowledge we have the capacity to review your current systems and make recommendations to remove vulnerabilities and enhance your defences.

Security reviews sit within our Consultancy services and are supplementary to our support platform.

Our Guide to Phishing

Something Phishy…

Phishing emails are designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information or installing malware (including ransomware) on your devices. They are carefully crafted to look genuine and appear, on the surface, to be from a legitimate source.

Don’t be fooled though, by clicking on a link or downloading an attachment you will be leaving your business exposed – malware puts your systems, and all the sensitive data within them, at risk.

The first, and most important, step in protecting your business from phishing emails is educating your team – and this we can help with.

Download our Guide to Phishing here.

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"The prompt responses to my concerns over a spam email were a welcome reassurance that BWIT was concerned to keep our IT secure. Many thanks."

  • Michael Saunders, Kent Carlyle

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